Awning & Fabric Care

Protect Your Newly-Purchased Awning From Wear and Tear

Keeping your awning clean and in good shape is important. Some simple maintenance tips can maintain its appeal and shine, apart from increasing the life of your awning. The major causes of stain are pollution, dirt, bird droppings, mildew and other contaminants.
  • Clean the stains immediately
  • Do not plant any shrubbery or vines near the awnings. Some plants contain an acid which can harm your awning
  • Clean the gutters above your awnings and ensure that water from the roof doesn't runoff onto the awning
  • See that no paint splatters on the fabric as it will hold dirt and mildew, shortening the life of your awning and voiding its warranty
  • Small tears or holes should never be allowed to grow. They must be repaired as soon as they happen
  • Rusted areas of frames should be cleaned and repainted at least once in a year
  • Clean, dry and give a final brushing to the awnings to remove all debris before storing them
  • Always store in a cool, dry place. Fold or roll and cover. A concrete floor is not a good place for storing awnings

Hassle-Free Cleaning Tips for Your Precious Awnings

Awnings are easier to maintain than repair. Keep your awning clean through a regular maintenance program.

Clean the awning yourself:
  • Clean all dust and debris using a brush
  • Use only the cleaners that are recommended specifically for the material of your awning (see manufacturer's recommendations)
  • Start cleaning from the bottom and slowly move upwards to the top
  • Scrub all parts of the awning with a soft bristled brush. Missed spots will show up once it dries completely
  • Rinse the awning thoroughly. A chalky residue remains in the areas where the film is left. You can also occasionally rinse your awning with the help of a garden hose

Call a professional awning cleaning service:

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