Commercial Awnings

Top-Notch Fabric Awnings for Commercial Needs

Planning a new construction project? O'Neal Awning Company is here to provide you with long-lasting fabric awnings and canopies. We install awnings for:
  • Restaurants and cafes: Entrances, patios, expanded seating, signage
  • Retailers and malls: Entrances, signage and branding opportunities
  • Office buildings: Energy savings and curb appeal, signage
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities: Entrance and signage
  • Schools and government buildings: Entrance, energy savings, landscaping, and public spaces
  • Hotels and resorts: Comfort, branding, and image solutions
  • Spas, fitness centers and gyms – Comfort, branding, and graphics
Commercial awning

Why Choose Fabric Awnings?

“If you are not building a green building, you are building an obsolete building,” says Guy Bazzani, the President of Bazzani Associates. “Awnings contributed to our LEED energy and atmosphere credits. We lowered our cooling costs by placing awnings in the right positions.”

“From a cost-effective standpoint, from a timing standpoint, and from a cosmetic standpoint, we found that the awnings were a much better application for our use than that of traditional construction”, says Dan Linen, owner of the Andiamo Restaurant in Novi, MI.
Commercial awning

Awnings With Enhanced Functionality for Commercial Use

Fabric awnings and canopies heighten the visual appeal of your business with their wide range of designs and colors. You can customize the awning with your personalized business logo, signature colors, and other distinctive details.

O'Neal Awning Company offers a variety of customization options to help you create an icon for your exterior facade in addition to providing shelter. Our professionals can help you design an awning that fits your corporate image.
Commercial awning

Awnings Help to Promote Your Business

Using today's advanced technology, a PAMA professional can add some special effects to your awnings by incorporating colored logos and fonts through a number of methods:
  • Silk Screen: Graphics are imprinted on the surface of the awning through screens cut specifically for the purpose. Ink is evenly distributed on top of the screen and 'printed' onto the face of the fabric. Silk screening is an economical way to apply graphics to a large quantity of material.
  • Painting: Hand painting is one of the most economical ways of printing graphics. It adds a customized effect to the awning. Spray-on airbrushing is done to print a two-color design through color blending or shading. After drawing the graphics on the awning, they are blocked out with the help of a masking compound. The entire awning is then spray-painted. This method produces a smooth finish
  • Cut-Out Lettering: When easy readability is the prime concern, cut-out lettering is the most economical of all methods. Letters and graphics are cut out of the fabric and replaced with letters from a second translucent fabric
  • Heat Color Transfer: This method utilizes a vacuum applicator to color the fabric. Any number of colors can be applied. The colors are actually baked into the fabric of the awning
  • Pressure-Sensitive Graphics: Pressure-sensitive vinyl films are used in this process to accurately apply complex designs. The films are first hand-cut to the desired design and then placed on the fabric
  • Eradicating: This is usually used for awnings that are illuminated. The existing color is first removed from a white vinyl fabric, pre-coated with eradicable ink using a special chemical
  • Digital: This method uses computers to create digital files through graphics software. The pixels are arranged and colored until the image is perfected and then is reproduced on a paper, film or cloth using printers, specifically designed to accept and transfer (inkjet, laser, etc.,) such images
Commercial awning

Latest Digital Technology for Accurate Prints

There are two types of digital printing:
  • Direct: This involves printing on paper-backed fabric, setting the color with steam and then washing and drying the fabric. Fabrics up to even π-inch thick can be printed by some printers
  • Dye Sublimation: The image is first printed on paper and then heat-pressed into the fabric
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