Why Awnings

Why Do You Need an Awning?

Did you ever happen to sit under a tree on a hot summer day and feel the cool shade? Close your eyes and imagine the same feeling coming out of your own windows, doors and patio. Extend your living space to the outdoors with the help of our awnings.

The US Department of Energy Studies shows awnings can reduce solar heat gain up to 77% and lower room temperatures up to 20 degrees. In the winters, awnings allow the gentle sun but keep the cold wind off.

Awnings are a solid investment hard to match any other home products. Whether it is a tree or a tarp made out of straw, the awning has been protecting us from the damaging sun rays for so many years.

The awning was not only fashionable but also functional in its usage from shading marketplaces to protecting livestock. While the concept is nothing new, the application of its usage is what concerns us most today.

Canvas awnings lasted for maybe 5 years up until 20 years ago. The acrylic awnings of today have an average fabric lifespan of 15-20 years! All our awnings have a 10-year warranty and protected from rotting, mildew and fading, not to mention being water-repellent too.

By blocking 94% of the harmful rays that cause skin cancer, awnings using Sunbrella® UPF 50+ fabrics are labeled ‘Recommended’ by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Get Residential or Commercial Awnings for Unmatched Curb Appeal

Fabric awnings add a great curb appeal to your doors and windows. Some very easy home improvements can lend your home an inviting first impression. One such technique is the installation of colorful awnings on your windows and doorway.

The front entrance of your house can be used to welcome guests and outsiders. Install a colorful fabric awning and transform your porch into a part of your home landscaping. You can also add some vibrant colors to your windows by installing window awnings.

Awnings will not only decorate your house from the outside but also cool your interiors. They come in all forms - stationary as well as retractable. Our awnings cater to both traditional residences as well as modern homes.

Awnings add drama to ordinary facades. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with limitless design options. You can further customize your awning with valances and trims. If you are planning to get one for your home, go for a fabric canopy over your deck or patio.

Such awnings provide long-term solutions at affordable prices. A fixed awning lends an upscale look to your living space. Outdoor kitchens have become very popular in many parts of the country. You can visit our FAQs section for additional information.

A fabric awning can add to your landscaping design, says hgtvpro.com. Your awning professional can recommend the best awning design for your home, kitchen and outdoor living room to enhance your level of comfort and increase the value of your house as well.
Residential awning

Save on Your Energy Bills With Awnings

The concept is a very simple one. Cut off the light, and you will cut out the heat. Awnings on the western or southern exposed windows of your home can heavily cut down the amount of heat inside your house and reduce temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. They can also lower the direct sun window heat gain by up to 70%.
Residential awning

Get Awnings for All-Round Protection of Your Home

The scorching sunlight entering your house through the doors and windows can pose a threat to your valuables and furniture. Our awnings can protect your:
  • Furniture from fading, drying or cracking
  • Artworks, photos and wallpapers from discoloration or peeling
  • Hardwood floors, carpets and linoleum from fading or discoloring
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